Specialty Coffee Expo Chicago 2024

Specialty Coffee Expo Chicago 2024

We are delighted to share our exciting experience at the 2024 Specialty Coffee Expo in Chicago. As honored guests alongside the Colombian Coffee Federation, we had the privilege of showcasing our products and immersing ourselves in the vibrant coffee market in the United States.

Throughout the expo, we delved into a world of premium coffee, connecting with enthusiasts and industry experts alike. We proudly presented our range of Colombian specialty coffees, highlighting the quality and tradition behind each cup.

Participating in one of the most important coffee fairs in the United States was an enriching experience. It allowed us not only to showcase our products but also to learn from the latest trends and practices in the coffee industry.

The Specialty Coffee Expo provided us with the opportunity to establish valuable connections, share our passion for Colombian coffee, and strengthen our commitment to excellence at every stage of the supply chain.

We are grateful for this unique opportunity and excited to continue growing and sharing our passion for coffee with the world.

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