Discover a unique experience in every cup! Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of specialty coffee and live the astronaut experience with our premium coffee. Each sip will transport you to new horizons of flavor and aroma.

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About us

Juan had a happy idea about how Colombian coffee could be even more recognized and valued around the world, through new ways of showing the consumer and the barista, as well as reaching an increasingly knowledgeable clientele in the wonderful world of coffee by creating experiences in barismo, cocktails and image.

Then Lisbetty and Cristina joined the project; we formed a galactic team to transmit origin, sustainability, traceability, experience and a lot of music; our goal is the world.

Our golden astronaut is the essence of everything we are here for, golden explorer for the legend of the gold that the conquistadors were looking for in Colombia, we are convinced that the true gold of Colombia is coffee.

Our roaster as a time machine where tradition comes out: Arepa and Guacamaya and Siglo 21: music amplifier, skateboard and electric skateboard.