The Magic of Geisha Coffee

The Magic of Geisha Coffee

Cosmic Flavors: A Sentimental Journey Through Coffee

Welcome to "Cosmic Flavors"! In this space, each cup of coffee tells a unique story and evokes deep emotions. We are dedicated to exploring the most exclusive and fascinating coffee varieties, revealing their notes and the sensations that each one offers. Our goal is to transport you on a sensory journey that not only delights your palate but also inspires you to discover these extraordinary coffees.

Chapter Two: The Magic of Geisha Coffee

Imagine ancient Asian gardens, where delicacy and mystery intertwine. From the heights of 2000 meters above sea level, a legend emerges that carries with it the essence of these mystical lands: Geisha coffee. This exotic variety, originating from Ethiopia and refined in the fields of Colombia, is a true treasure cultivated with care and devotion. Its preparation process under the Honey method is an art in itself, involving a 79-hour cherry fermentation followed by another 79 hours after pulping.

Geisha coffee is a symphony of aromas and flavors that invites you to discover it. Its fragrances unfold notes of nuts like almonds, floral nuances, and a subtle hint of lemongrass. Each sip reveals delicate chocolate flavors intertwined with its medium acidity, creating a harmonious and balanced experience. Its creamy body and the persistent and surprising residue will transport you directly to the landscapes of Antioquia, Colombia, making each cup a first-class journey.

Geisha coffee is more than just a beverage; it is a celebration of coffee excellence. It has been awarded in Antioquia, and its SCA score of 90 reflects its exceptional quality. Each bean tells a story of passion and dedication, and each cup connects you with the rich coffee culture of Colombia.

In "Cosmic Flavors," each coffee variety is a gateway to new sensations and memories. We invite you to discover the magic of Geisha coffee, to let yourself be carried away by its notes, and to enjoy a cosmic journey from the comfort of your home. This coffee is more than a sensory experience; it is an invitation to explore, feel, and connect with the world of coffee in a deeply personal and memorable way.

Discover the magic of Geisha. Your cosmic journey continues here.

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