The Charm of Pink Bourbon

The Charm of Pink Bourbon

Cosmic Flavors: A Sentimental Journey Through Coffee

Welcome to "Cosmic Flavors," a space where coffee lovers find more than just a drink; they find a story! Here we explore the most exotic and fascinating coffee varieties, uncovering their unique notes and revealing the emotions and experiences that each sip can offer. Our goal is to take you on a sensory and sentimental journey that not only invites you to read but also ignites your desire to taste these coffee gems.

Chapter One: The Charm of Pink Bourbon

Imagine a sunrise in the mountains at 1900 meters above sea level, where the air is pure and the landscape is a natural painting of greens and blues. In this magical place, our protagonist is born: the exquisite pink Bourbon coffee.

This pink Bourbon is not just an exotic variety; it is a masterpiece of nature and human care. Each bean is delicately harvested and prepared using the Honey method, which involves a 70-hour cherry fermentation followed by another 70 hours after pulping. This meticulous process gives us a fragrance that evokes ripe peaches and wild grapes, promising an unforgettable experience from the first aroma.

When tasting this coffee, you will find a perfectly balanced medium acidity, complemented by a natural sweetness reminiscent of the juiciest red fruits. Its creamy body will envelop you, leaving a soft and light residue, like a whisper of affection in every cup. With an SCA score of 88.5, Pink Bourbon is a true jewel of coffee cultivation.

Every sip of Pink Bourbon is a story, a deep connection with the earth and its treasures. It is an emotional journey that transports you to the fields where it is grown, to the hands that harvest it, and to the care with which it is processed. More than just coffee, it is a cosmic experience that we want to share with you.

In "Cosmic Flavors," each coffee variety is an invitation to explore, feel, and enjoy. We invite you to immerse yourself in this adventure, discover the secrets that each bean holds, and take home a piece of this coffee universe that will undoubtedly make your heart beat with every cup.

Discover and savor. Your journey begins here.

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